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Ways to Handle Stress

1. Stay in the moment

2. Think Positive

3. Be Thankful for something new

4. Take a walk outdoors

5. Deep breathing 

5 Ways to Handle Feelings of Sadness

1. Listen to uplifting Music

2. Talk with a Friend

3. Watch a funny movie

4. Keep a mood journal

5. Give yourself space

5 Stages of Divorce 

1. Shock and Denial: Searching for the answers to "why" this is happening.

2. Anger and Blaming: Blame the Spouse for past, present, and future problems.

3. Bargaining: Offers to do anything to make things right.

4. Depression: Sadness associated with the realness of the inevitable. 

5. Acceptance: Recognize new identity and set healthy boundaries to move forward. 

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